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March 17, 2006
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It's Avatarded If... Part 5 by Isaia It's Avatarded If... Part 5 by Isaia
To date:

TODAY before viewing of new ep.

HOMG this is terribly late, shoulda submitted this yesterday, but it wasn't finished and it looked crappy. So I fixed it up and it looks better. X__x;

*cough continuing my tradition of gawdawful paneling*

In commemmoration of the grand event that is the new episodessssss. :w00t:

Aw jeez, we avatar fans are craazzzzy. I just hope we don't scare the creators. If we haven't already. :o Or at least I hope I haven't done things...which I probably have :cry:

Just some exaggerated humor, ...or is it exaggerated?

(also, I've been told that some fans don't like being called "Avatards", because of "it's lack of originality wit and offensive use of a familiar word." And I understand that. But it's become somewhat also a term of endearment, and ...I must admit... has a bad habit of mine to stop calling myself and other fans. Since the term has been used so much, but it really is not meant to be offensive, So I'm sorry for that but... I can't help it.

and I know that the Native American powwow dance is a sacred dance, but trust me, is not meant to be offensive by portraying it here, just celebratory. ^^;

with that. Part 5 ... part 6 later...when I'm inspired. :D

Also, I'd like to thank mah hommies and for also doing this weeklong Avatar deviation countdown!

Kimchi 7 days: [link]
Isaia 6 days: [link]
Booter 5 days: [link]
Kimchi 4 days: [link]
Isaia 3 days: [link]
Booter 2 days: [link]
Kimchi, Booter and Isaia: [link] and [link] and this
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Ha ha I cannot be more in love with this! One thing that gets me is how truly multicultural it is. Kudos!
EraGaga Dec 16, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
we are all crazy for ATLA!!!! and those facts are real!!!! :D (I MEAN IT)
Number 42 was so hard not to do! XD I love these comics!
beta-joovey Sep 27, 2008  Student Digital Artist
40: Ahh... AWS. We have all suffered it dearly (and will have to suffer it some more until July)

43: I eat (by that I mean watch/read) spoilers like I eat pie: I don't go looking for it, but if it's there, I'm taking it no questions asked.
MrGBH Mar 29, 2008   Writer
I'm just celebrating the fact that us Englishmen got season three eps before the Americans. Sure, it was months ago, but I still like taunting Americans with it.
LOL I love these!

I think I may be suffering from AWS right now. I NEED NEW EPS OF AVATAR!!* pants*

:stupidme: LOOK! I've even resorted to self mutilation!!! :stupidme:
Kataang1725 Jan 14, 2008   Interface Designer
LOL I suffered from AWS while waiting for Book 3! I tried watching old episodes but it didn't work! all of these things are very true!

I think I may be an Avatard and I didn't even know it. Reading these comics is making me realize that. On this page alone, numbers 35, 37, 39 (not for foum discussion, just for me) through 41 are all me. @__@ Is there any medication for it?!
CardcaptorKatara Sep 12, 2007  Student Digital Artist
I take notes in my brain and blab about them afterwards :P I'm suffering from AWS right now while waiting for Season 3. Even number 43 my buds and I are gonna throw a party for season 3 with cake and games and dress up lol I'm gonna be Katara
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